SVC Uniform Policy 2013 - 2014


School Uniform:

  • * Maroon sweatshirt with Swavesey Village College logo (compulsory) - students are not to replace the school sweatshirt with another sweatshirt, hoodie or jumper.
  • * Pale blue polo shirt with Swavesey Village College logo (compulsory)


Trousers - plain black – not styled as jeans, skinnies or leggings. Ideal trousers have been designed by our own students and sold by REV UK :


Skirts - plain black and of a modest length, must be worn with black opaque tights

Socks under trousers - plain black

Shoes - black, low heeled, i.e. less than 2" in height, plain black plimsolls. No sports or fashion logos or decoration should be visible on footwear.


*Items marked with an asterisk are purchased from the school


Standard of dress:


It is expected that students will be neat and tidy in appearance and will not wear items that contravene health and safety policies, i.e. jewellery in PE lessons

  • it is important that the smartness of the school uniform is not offset by the wearing of inappropriate outdoor garments
  • hats should not be worn on the school site
  • alternative sweatshirts are not to be worn
  • we consider trainers, over the ankle boots and open toed sandals to be inappropriate for school. For health and safety reasons we would wish shoes to be robust and low heeled, i.e. less than 2” in height.
  • sweatshirts, when removed, are not to be worn around the waist - they should be kept in bags or lockers
  • sweatshirts are to be worn outside skirts or trousers
  • the collar of the polo shirt must be visible when worn beneath the school sweatshirt
  • coloured tee-shirts are not to be visible under the school polo shirt


Jewellery and make-up


  • 2 small pairs of studs in each ear lobe.
  • A thin chain worn under the polo shirt (removed for PE)
  •  One ring on each hand.
  • Discreet and natural looking make-up.
  • Natural nail varnish or hair colour.

Not allowed:

  • Piercings other than ear lobes.
  • Bracelets, including charity bands.


In all matters of uniform, it is the school’s decision on what is and isn’t appropriate.

Physical Education Uniform:


The following items must be purchased from Swavesey Village College :


Compulsory Items:

  • Fully reversible Red and Black Rugby Shirt (Boys) or Red Micro-fibre Fleece (Girls). Both with the Swavesey Village College Logo.


  • Red polo shirts with Swavesey Village College Logo


  • Minimum of one item from:
    • Black Shorts with the Swavesey Village College Logo
    • Black Tracksuit Trousers with the Swavesey Village College Logo
    • Skort with the Swavesey Village College Logo


  • Red and Black Football Socks with SVC in the student’s House Colour.


  • Trainers (not pumps) and Football Boots Specification (not purchased from school)


Optional Extras:

  • Black base-layer with Swavesey VC down the arm


  • Black Waterproof Training Jacket with the Swavesey Village College Logo